Sam Lax took 10,000 dollars from me

New York, New York 3 comments

Sam Lax took 10,000 dollars from me, to put a computer. part of the money

was from my mom had I known he had spent 10 years in San Quinton, I would

have run other way. I sued him in small claims court. And was awarded

5,000. He sent maybe 5o. This was about 20 years. He also says he has

a PHD that's also a lie. He has put very thing in his ex-wife;s name.

he says that she has died. She probably wishes she could yo get away

from him...He still lives in one of her rental houses. JUST BE CAREFULL.


Review about: Computer Charger.


Aiken, South Carolina, United States #762911

I have 2 of his horse head belt buckles.Extremely rare and worth a small fortune.

His Montu medallion is fantastic.

Let he without sin cast the first stone.I met him and he was awesome..


Everything that was said is true about Sam Lax. His rap sheet is 3' long. He stole from his ex-wife and everyone else.


This is from a sick, demented, obese lady who sufferes from an over active imagilnation.Her name is Carol and she belongs in a mental institution.

When I allsoed her tok park her pick-up truck (and camper) in my back yard, I never for a moment thought she would become a living nightmare.I did NOT spend 10 years in prison but again, Carol has a vivid (and sick) imagination and one of these days I will haul her obese body into court and obtain a restraining order on her and her over-active mouth!

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